Q1. Can I make changes to my condominium property?
A1. All changes to Indian Creek Condominiums must be approved, before any work is started.  Please see the Architectural Review ARC
Q2.  How is an inspection for aluminum wiring done?
A2.  The cover of the circuit breaker panel is removed, and covers as needed from some outlets and switches.  This video shows the process: Video - aluminum wiring inspection
Q3. Are dogs allowed?
A3. Dogs must be small breeds - less then 40 pounds in weight.  They must be registered with property management, and have city of Fort Worth tags.
Q4. How are assessments calculated?  Is the same calculation used for monthly and special assessments?
A4. Each unit has an assessment based on how much of the Association the unit 'owns', or in other words it is based on the indoor square footage of the unit.